Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Well, we're finally in our new house.  We moved in on Monday.  Thanks to Mom and Mike for helping us with the move.  We definitely couldn't have done it without them!

The living room looks clean, but the rest of the house is not so nice.  We'll start organizing stuff and unpacking soon.  I'm on vacation until January 3rd, so there's lot of time to make the house a home.  I think the kitchen will need to be the first room that will be unpacked.  We're doing Christmas dinner at my mom and dad's this Sunday, and I guess I'm supposed to make something.  I'll need all of our kitchen stuff to actually cook, which we haven't done since we moved in.  I'll probably do mashed potatoes. 

Speaking of mashed potatoes, I've realized that I'm really liking potatoes right now.  That might be my pregnancy craving.  I think the potatoes kind of help me feel less nauseous.  I've been pretty much nauseous all day everyday.  I don't want to bore everyone with my complaints of nausea, but that's all I'm feeling right now.  I can't wait until it goes away.  I talked to my mom about it last night, and she said she had morning sickness with me for four months, Melissa for six months and Bryan for all nine months.  She didn't mention Matthew and morning sickness, so maybe she was lucky with him.  I don't know...  I just hope that my morning sickness lasts through the first trimester, and that's it.  I certainly don't like it.

My cousin Elizabeth is at the hospital right now.  She's probably going to have a Christmas Eve baby, which will be really cool.  I can't wait to meet little Joshua.

I hope that everyone has a merry Christmas!


  1. Congrats on the house and the move! Take it easy and don't wear yourself out! No potato is worth you getting sick at Christmas!

    Big hugs,

  2. Christmas Eve baby indeed! Glad you guys visited us at the hospital :) Hope your nausea goes away too!